Beyond LEGO® BuildToExpress



LEGO® Education has been working with schools for more than 35 years offering playful learning experiences which enable every pupil to succeed. Its aim is to help practitioners to take a more progressive approach and to unlock their pupils’ interest in learning. The method used in LEGO® BuildToExpress ensures a secure and non-judgemental process for solving problems, expressing personal feelings and breaking down barriers that can affect achievement in curriculum-based topics.

Courses coming up

Birmingham 29th June 2017

London 18th October 2017

Wilmslow 6th December 2017

Liverpool 25th January 2018

Brief overview of the course
This course will look BEYOND the LEGO® BuildToExpress (BTE) training provided by The Nurture Group Network.  Delegates will have the chance to reflect and organise their own BuildToExpress processes. BEYOND BuildToExpress will explore more opportunities with this creative, inclusive teaching aid which allows everyone to be involved, participate and take an active role in the learning process. 

Target Audience
Delegates on this bespoke course need to have completed the LEGO® BuildToExpress training provided by The Nurture Group Network.  

Delegate resource pack will include:
• A bank of ideas to practise in the classroom/nurture group
• Certificate of attendance
• Six principles of nurture group’s poster

Note: Each delegate will need to bring their own LEGO® BuildToExpress kit to use during the training.

To book places on the course, please contact, or for more information please call 0203 475 8510.