Mindfulness in the Classroom

"All the information given today has been useful and given me more knowledge on the positive outcomes nurture groups can have on all the people involved."
Nurture Practitioner

Many children face an endless barrage of images and sounds in todays' technologically-focused world. The constant overload can challenge children's thinking capacity and make learning difficult. These stressors can increase risk for a variety of negative outcomes in children and young people. A UK study published by the Department for Education found that pupil wellbeing predicted their later academic progression and engagement in school. 

Research also suggests that mindfulness-based interventions can reduce stress and improve self-confidence, relationships, attention, optimism and self-esteem. There is also good evidence from neuroscience and brain imaging that mindfulness meditation reliably and profoundly alters the structure and function of the brain to improve the quality of both thought and feeling. Mindfulness is now recommended by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence. 

Courses coming up

London 15 June 2018

The venue for the course is 18A Victoria Park Square, Bethnal Green, London E2 9PB. It is an half-day course from 9am til 1pm, and the trainer will be Claire Eccleshall, Training Officer for NGN. 

Brief overview of the course

  • Review up-to-date research and evidence of mindfulness in schools
  • Staff will develop skills to support children to improve their ability to soothe and calm themselves and pay attention to the world around them
  • Staff will be given opportunities to practise the activities from 60 Mindful Minutes by Dr Tina Rae

Target audience

This course is of particular relevance to nurture support staff, teachers, support staff, care staff and practitioners working with children and young people who want to develop an understanding of the importance of mindfulness-based interventions.

Delegate resource pack with include:

  • A copy of 60 Mindful Minutes by Dr Tina Rae (value £60)
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Six principles of nurture groups poster

If you are interested in attending, please contact lea@nurturegroups.org, or for more information, please call 020 3475 8980.